Mourinho comments on Eric Dier’s incident ; And he reveals what happened with Lampard.


The comments of Jose Mourinho, the coach of Tottenham Hotspur, after overcoming the hurdle of Chelsea in the round of sixteen of the League Cup competitions, and his comment about Eric Dier

Jose Mourinho, the coach of Tottenham Hotspur, expressed his happiness with the great spirit shown by his players during their clash against Chelsea in the round of 16 of the English Premier League Cup competition.

Tottenham qualified for the quarter-finals of the English Premier League,

after beating Chelsea 5-4, after the end of the original time of the match with a 1-1 draw.

Mourinho said in remarks to Sky Sports after the game:

«We had a plan played, and it worked, we started the game with a system that we are not used to,

and we do not feel very comfortable.”

He added: «We had a player like Tanganga, he was playing his first minutes of the season,

he did not play until one minute before the preparatory period, Gibson played his first game, Sergio Regilon as well,

the team was a difficult puzzle, but we did it, and the mentality of the players was amazing.”

He continued: “In the second half, we played more intensively in their areas,

and I do not remember that Chelsea shot one ball towards our goal, we, of course,

lost presence inside the penalty area for such a performance, and we had players who arrived in very dangerous situations.”

“Of course we were given more presence in the box, we changed the style of play,

we started to have more chances, we created more danger for them, and we were able to equalize.”

Mourinho praised the performance of his players, saying: “The performance was amazing,

really incredible, then the penalty shootout, that’s what it was, the players were great, they felt confident,

they deserved to win well.”

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Mourinho spoke about the great pressure on Eric Dyer to play two games in just 3 days:

«What I did with Eric Dyer is not human, but I needed it, I needed a third defensive heart,

I knew we could not play with ten players in a game of this strength, and with my heart a defense only,

I knew I could not.”

“So I needed Eric Dyer to make this amazing effort, of course,


he can’t play on Thursday, and that’s how we organize very important games,

where you can’t give maximum strength, but that’s the case.”

On the date of south Korean Sun Hyung-min’s return to the team, Mourinho said:

“I expect him to return after the international break.”

Mourinho touched on the fact of entering the dressing rooms to look for Eric Dyer after he rushed to spend his time during the game:

«With Eric, you can imagine what happened, for him to leave the stadium it was easy to imagine what happened, and he knew it,

I was just trying to push him back as soon as possible,

because there are no more changes because one lesser player is the result of something not human,

he played two games completely dehydrated, fatigue, lack of muscle energy,

and of course he will not play on Thursday, Because I’m going to kill him.”

Tip to Lampard

On the altercation with Chelsea coach Frank Lampard during the game, Mourinho said:

“The most important thing with Frank is my feelings for him more than any words we have exchanged.

I owe him everything he has given me, he has always given me everything he has as a player and I have never forget that.

My feelings for him will always be the feelings of how much I owe him how great a player, a friend.

The only thing I said to him, just the opinion of an old coach of a talented young coach,

which was when the players needed us when they lost, and when they win,

we don’t need to be the champions of the game. On the line of contact, we must be there when they lose.”

Mourinho concluded his remarks by saying:

“In the last game when they lost 3-0 I felt very sorry for him because he was sad and calm in his chair.

As far as football is concerned, I can’t teach him anything, he knows football, it’s just an opinion,

stay in touch when your team loses and stay calm when your team wins.” …

Mourinho Eric Dier Mourinho Eric Dier

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