Messi: I apologize to Barcelona fans and I only think about the future


Barcelona striker Lionel Messi stressed the need for all Catalan club fans to unite in the coming period, and to put an end to the recent disputes.

The Argentine star sees cooperation as the best way to advance the club

Argentine star Lionel Messi expressed his regret for Barcelona fans for everything that has happened since the beginning of this summer.

Messi appeared in a state of anger after Barcelona lost Bayern Munich 2-8 in the Champions League quarter-finals,

where he decided to leave the club before retreating a few days later.

The veteran striker previously spoke in an exclusive interview with “Goal”,

about the scenes of his stage, and criticized the ambiguity inside Barcelona and the lack of a real project for the team.

The player told “Sport” newspaper about this stage, saying:

“I want to focus on the future only after everything that has happened.

We must cooperate in these moments and wait for the best for the club.”

He added, “I accept my mistakes if I commit them. All that matters to me is to help Barcelona become better.

Passion and hope are two means to achieve our goals together.”


He continued: “I wanted to speak to all the Barcelona fans. I am sorry if I offended them with what I said or did.

All I did was for the club.”

Messi concluded his speech by sending a message to the Barcelona fans, saying:

“I want to send a message to the Barca fans and to all the Los Coles who support us.

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If any of you ever feel any discomfort about anything I have said or done,

let it be clear to you that I always do this. I think about the best for the club. ”

The 33-year-old had raised controversy recently, after he attacked the Barcelona administration,

because of how his former colleague Luis Suarez left for Atletico Madrid.

It is noteworthy that Messi enters the last year of his contract with Barcelona,

​​amid speculation about the renewal, or waiting for the end of the contract and moving to another team in the summer of 2021

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