Doubts about the readiness of the Liverpool duo against Arsenal


The British newspaper “Mirror” said that doubts are surrounding the

readiness of Thiago Alcantara and Alyson Baker of Liverpool to participate

in the Arsenal match scheduled for Monday in the English Premier League.

Arsenal is scheduled to visit Liverpool in the third round match of the Premiership,

and the two will meet again next Thursday in the 16th round of the English

Professional League Cup (Carabao).

Alcantara and Alison missed Liverpool’s training on Sunday,

and doubts are about their readiness to play tomorrow’s match against Arsenal.

The British newspaper added that the aforementioned duo will undergo medical tests tomorrow morning,


Monday, to make the final decision regarding their participation in the match.

Alcantara joined the ranks of Liverpool during the current summer transfer period from Bayern Munich,

and his first appearance was in the Reds shirt in the Chelsea match in the

second round of Premier League, where he participated for 44 minutes.

It is worth noting that Liverpool clinched the first 6 points in their journey towards preserving the Premier League title,

where they beat Leeds United 4-3 in the first round, then 2-0 against Chelsea in the second round.

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