Pjanic: Barcelona want to avenge Bayern’s eight


Bosnian midfielder Miralim pjanic confirmed that the team is seeking revenge for what happened last season “disastrous”,

which ended with the exclusion from the champions league quarter-final against Bayern Munich by losing 8-2.

“My feelings are very good, unfortunately, I couldn’t join the team early because of the Coronavirus,

but things are going well,” pjanic told Spanish newspaper Sport.

He added: “First I trained alone and then with the team, and physically I work hard to prepare as quickly as possible,

and I try to adapt to the team and the dressing room and learn the language and communicate with my colleagues, and I look forward to the beginning of the season,

and I hope it will be a good year.”

He continued: “Coming to Barcelona was never a bad moment,

barça is a team determined to win everything, and maybe last year was not good and ended badly,

but it is not easy to win all the titles, and it was a strange season for everyone because of the Coronavirus.”


“I am very excited about what they said to me, this team wants to take revenge on what happened in Lisbon,

our goal is to go step by step, start winning the La Liga and this will not be easy,

and in the Champions League there will be five or six teams nominated for the title,” he said.

“In March, a new season will begin during the same season,

with the start of the knockout stages of the Champions League and the La Liga final, so we must be prepared.”

“The players have the respect of the world of football,

and I don’t think they have to prove anything to anyone, but in football there are incidents,

and I don’t think there is a player in the team who doesn’t want to show that the loss against Bayern was just an accident,” he said.

“I have spoken to some players and they have not lost a shred of self-confidence,


and last year it was not easy for anyone, but I am sure this year will be good,

Barcelona is going through changes and maybe the newcomers will need some time, but we will succeed.”

Suarez’s departure

“It’s hard because he’s one of the best strikers in the world, and it won’t be easy to make up for it,

and we have to try to work so that we don’t get affected by his absence,

but it won’t be an easy task, he’s one of the best two or three strikers in the world,

and it will be a big loss to the dressing room,” he said.

“I have good feelings, we work a lot and we try to adapt to his ideas and apply them on the pitch, we work hard,

the training is tough, and now we have to prove it on the pitch,

and in the first game we have to win to get confidence,” Koeman said.

“I moved to Lyon at the age of 18, and I shared the dressing room with players like Juninho, Benzema, Chris, and Jovo, and I learned a lot from them,” he continued.

“In Italy, there were great coaches like Enrique, Garcia, Allegri, and Spalletti,

and I learned there to be more physically ready, and now

I know my body better, and I imagine it will be different in Barcelona,

and the tactic will be less but the technical quality is greater.”

“I hope to keep learning, I’ve played over 600 games, I think I have some experience

and I’ll play alongside experienced players but I want to keep learning,” he said.

And I wish I could not. French, German, Bosnian, Luxembourg, Italian, English, and now I’m learning Spanish.”

pjanic pjanic

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