Discipline Committee suspends Di Maria 4 games


An additional penalty for Di Maria in addition to penalties for the expelled quintet in the Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille match

The Disciplinary Committee of the French League imposed the penalties of the Clásico France riots by suspending Argentine star Angel Di Maria for four domestic matches.

This comes on the back of a confirmation after he spat on Alvaro during the paris saint-germain match against Olympique Marseille in the second round of the French League.

De Maria’s suspension will start next Tuesday, meaning he will be available for the next French League match against Stade Reims on Sunday.

The Argentinian international will be absent from Paris Saint-Germain in the encounters of Ange,

Nem, Dijon and Nantes, before returning to participate normally again.

The Disciplinary Committee of the French League issued sanctions against paris saint-germain

and Olympique Marseille for what happened in the last minutes of the Clásico France on Sunday evening before last.

Olympique Marseille succeeded in deciding the Clásico france in favor of beating Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 to increase the wounds of the summer of Europe and the French capital club.

The match saw a great deal between the players of the two teams,

especially the paris saint-germain players who were more aggressive in today’s match,

unlike what was happening in the recent confrontations.

The altercation between the players of the two teams continued until the last minute,

when a scuffle broke out between the players of the two teams,


following which five players from both teams were expelled by 3 from Paris Saint-Germain and 2 from Olympique Marseille.

Ivan Kurzawa, Neymar and Paredes received the red card from Paris Saint-Germain,

Jordan Amavi and Dario Benedetto of Olympique Marseille, all in the 97th minute of overtime.

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On the red card holders, the Disciplinary Committee of the French League issued suspension penalties,

which varied between them based on what each player did

and his role in igniting the atmosphere seconds before the end of the meeting.

Kurzawa was the biggest winner in the penalty area, with six matches suspended,

While Amavi was suspended for three matches, Neymar and Paredes were suspended for two matches,

while Benedetto was suspended for one game.

If Neymar or Paredes have other problems,

the game in which they are suspended will be effective and that suspension will only be activated in this case.

Paris Saint-Germain have lost their two La Liga matches for the new season

and have made a very bad start to the season despite reaching the Champions League final less than a month ago.

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