Morata bid farewell to Atlético Madrid with moving words ahead of joining Juventus in The Mercato summer


Spain international Alvaro Morata, the star of the attack of The Atlético Madrid, who recently joined Juventus, was keen to say goodbye to The Roja Blancos and their fans after spending 18 months between the sides of the Wanda Metropoliatano stadium.

Italian battalion Andrea Pirlo has announced the contract with Morata for one year on loan in the current summer mercato, for 10 million euros, and the contract includes the option of a purchase clause for 45 million euros.

Alvaro Morata thanked Atlético Madrid and their fans via a message he wrote to them on his instagram account,

which read:

«To the dear Atlético fans, playing for Atlético Madrid is one of the best things that happened in my life,

and who knows me well knows that I will still keep the season ticket at wanda metropolitanstadium».

Morata added: “I would also like to thank you for these two wonderful years during which I have experienced wonderful moments that will never fall from my memory, which began since I arrived here.”


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Morata continued in his message: “Defending the colours of the Jersey Blancos was and still is a real pride,

and celebrating the goals achieved by this shirt is a dream come true.”

The International Spaniard added:

“Atlético Madrid is a truly great club, and its fans are the ones who made that greatness,

and all those historic nights that any ball player dreams of will always and never be etched in my memory.”

Alvaro Morata concluded his message to Atlético Madrid and their fans by saying: “In my heart,

there will always be a place for you.”

Moarta joined Roja Blancos from Chelsea in 2019 and has made 61 appearances, scoring 22 goals.

Morata has previously defended the colours of the Juventus shirt, where he participated in two seasons and played 39 games,

during which he scored 27 goals, and won the Serie A championship twice and the Cup championship during this period.

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