Headlines September 22, 2020


Find out about the most important sports headlines issued this morning, September 22, 2022.

Luis Suarez’s agreement with Atlético Madrid and morata’s proximity to Juventus and the crisis of the Tottenham game in addition to the statements of Patrice Evra and the victory of Manchester City

and the brilliance of Zlatan Ibrahimovic with Milan among the most important european sports headlines issued on Tuesday morning, September 22.

1 Times Sport – Sports teams seek compensation

The newspaper focused on the cancellation of plans for the return of fans to the stadiums by the English government due to the coronavirus and its strong return of the past period.

She also talked about the compensation requested by the teams,

which amounted to about 2 billion euros, and also talked about Manchester City’s victory over Wolverhampton yesterday evening.

2 Daily Express – Manchester United’s Joke

The newspaper highlighted the comments of former Manchester United star Patrice Evra about the current status of the team,

and the lack of respect for management of the history of the team and sir Alex Ferguson after the loss of Crystal Palace.

She also talked about Manchester City’s victory over Wolverhampton

and the possibility of giving Tottenham a trophy due to the illness of a number of Lytton Orient stars with the Corona virus.

3 Mirror Sport – Manchester City Paradise and Hell United

The newspaper highlighted Manchester City’s victory over Wolverhampton in the second round of the Premier League and the brilliance of Kevin de Boerne and Fudin.

She also spoke about Patrice Evra’s remarks and the Corona virus crisis in the League Cup between Tottenham and Leyton Orient.

4 Star Sport – Corona virus carries gift for Tottenham

The newspaper talked about the crisis of the League Cup match between Tottenham and Leyton Orient,

where a number of elements of the latter were exposed to the virus Coronavirus.

Phil Foden’s controversial brilliance was also highlighted in Manchester City’s win over Wolverhampton after his england crisis and played the title for the young star.

5 Marca-Suárez vs Atlético Madrid

The newspaper highlighted the agreement between Atlético Madrid and Luis Suarez and the two-year contract expected to be announced within hours.


She also talked about the imminent return of Alvaro Morata to Juventus on loan with the option of buying.

6 AS – Suarez Earthquake

The newspaper’s main interest was to talk about Luis Suarez’s position at Barcelona and to convince Diego Simeone to join at Atletico Madrid.

The newspaper also talked about the link to the deal with the departure of Alvaro Morata from the ranks of the capital club for his counterpart Juventus on loan.

7 Mundo Deportivo – Farewell Semedo and Suarez

The newspaper touched on the close ness of Wolverhampton’s close ness to the deal of Portuguese star Nelson Semedo barcelona player.

She also talked about atletico Madrid’s agreement with Luis Suarez and alvaro Morata’s return to Juventus.

8 La Gazzetta dello Sport – Ibrahimovic Forever

The newspaper touched on the brilliance of Zlatan Ibrahimovic with Milan in yesterday’s meeting against his counterpart Bologna in the opening meetings of the team serie A.

She also talked about the return of Morata Juventus and the termination of Arturo Vidal for medical examination at Inter

and the possibility of Roma losing the game verona due to an administrative error.

9 Corriere della Sport.

The newspaper focused on alvaro Morata’s return to the Juventus ranks again with a transferable loan deal for the final sale at the end of the new season.

She also talked about the imminent announcement of the transfer of Arturo Vidal to Inter,

the crisis of Rome due to diawara in the meeting Verona,

in addition to the brilliance of Ibrahimovic and his leadership of Milan to beat Bologna by a double.

10 Toto Sport – A shocking turn of events

The main talk in the newspaper was about Alvaro Morata returning to Juventus after the deal of Luis Suarez and Edin Déjécéco.

The newspaper also talked about the brilliance of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his team’s match milan against Bologna yesterday evening and scored two goals.

Headlines September 22, 2020 , Headlines September 22, 2020

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