Italy faces the Netherlands in Fijamo to honor the victims of Corona


The Italian Football Association announced today, Monday,

that the first team will face its Dutch counterpart in the European Nations League next month,

in the Italian city of Bergamo, in honor of the city that has suffered severely from the outbreak of the new Corona virus this year.

The Italian Federation stated that, in addition to remembering the victims of the virus in Bergamo,

it decided to transfer the match that will be held on October 14th from the

“Giuseppe Meazza” stadium in Milan to the “Atlété Azure” stadium,

and the match will also be held without public attendance.

He added that the Italian team will be in Bergamo since October 12th, to honor the city while adhering to the rules of the health protocol.

Bergamo and its province, east of Milan,

reported thousands of cases during the outbreak and reached its peak between March and April.

Since then, deaths have decreased dramatically in the country,

with more than 35,000 casualties reported.

The “Atlété Azure” stadium was renovated to host Atalanta’s Champions

League matches,

while the Italian national team had not played in Bergamo since 2006.

The Italian national team will face its Moldovan counterpart in a friendly match in Florence on the seventh of October,

Four days later, the Italian national team will travel to face Poland in the third round of the European Nations League group stage.

The Italian national team leads the first group of the first-level league in the competition.

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