After Juventus and Barcelona announced their exit from their accounts. What is Luis Suarez doing?


Fabio Baratici, Juventus’ sporting director, said that he had no intention of signing with Barcelona striker Luis Suarez,

after Suarez’s name was linked to the old lady following the arrival of coach Ronald Koeman,

and it was reported that the Dutchman was not convinced of the Uruguayan striker.

In a statement to Sky Sport Italia, Fabio Baratici said:

«Suarez is not on our list in Mercato, his inclusion requires a lot of bureaucratic things in order to get an Italian passport,

it was a favorite option for us, but the issue of getting Italian citizenship became a dilemma,

it takes a lot of time, so we got out of the deal.”

Suarez had been knocked out of the Barcelona team’s list of Juan Gamber Cup match,

and the past days saw Suarez travel to Italy to take the Italian language exams,

in preparation for obtaining Italian citizenship, to move to Juventus,

before Pirlo and Juventus management officially resolves his fate by exiting the team accounts.

As Dzeko, the Roma striker, approached Juventus, the Uruguayan striker’s arrival became impossible,

but with Suarez out of the dutchman Coman, after a phone call telling him that it was better to look for a chance in another team,

and out of the calculations of Juventus, what about the fate of Luis Suarez?

Will he return to the Barcelona list in the coming days?

Especially with barça management not confirming Suarez’s exit once and for all from the team’s accounts,

will Suarez stay at the Camp Nou or move to another team before the end of the summer Mercato by October 4?

3 Possibilities for Kiss of Life

The Uruguayan gun does not have many options, but his heart will not control his fate this time after he was offended by Barcelona, the club’s third historic scorer,

a one-minute call that was not the best way to inform a player the size of Suarez of such a decision.

Especially since the alternative is to leave or stay in the stands for a whole year!.


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The difficult choice will probably be to move to two possible destinations for Suarez that will not be difficult if the Uruguayan sought them, either the American League,

or the Qatari league in which al-Duhile announced months ago his intention to make an offer to the Uruguayan striker,

player Violence and Enthusiasm Suarez and enthusiasm the most important thing for him to remain in the stadiums,

and the Uruguayan team also in mind most of the time,

the physical requirements of celeste means that his historical scorer must find himself a place on the pitch.

Any stadium, that’s what Suarez thinks.

A kiss of life that Suarez might give if an offer comes from a major European club,

the gun then stays in European stadiums at the highest level and ends the nightmare of a relatively quick conclusion in America or Qatar.

Chelsea was the most serious club to include Suarez before Juventus,

but the hiring of young stars the size of Timo Werner in the front line,

made the only possible opportunity is Atlético Madrid,

a club that is reportedly about to make an offer to Barcelona for Suárez.

Another opportunity may be possible,

but the rules of fair financial play may be swayed by Suarez’s salary (£15.08 million a year).

Speaking here about Paris Saint-Germain,

who are suffering from a crisis in the coordination of high salaries led by Kylian Mbappe and Neymar,

Suarez may join his friend Neymar if the opportunity arises but the routine complications

may force him to reduce his salary to a significant degree in order to achieve the most important for him.

Continue to tame the ball in Europe at the highest levels.

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