Koeman reveals the truth about his decision to leave Ricky from Barcelona


Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman said it was difficult for Ricky Puig to play with the team next season due to strong competition in midfield.

Ronald Koeman, the Barcelona manager, revealed the truth of his conversation with Ricky Puig in which he told him that he was out of his calculations for next season,

indicating that he is seeking the interest of the player to get more minutes to participate.

Everyone was surprised by reports in the Spanish press that Koeman had asked Puig to look for a new club despite the exceptional talent shown by the player last season.

It took the Dutch coach to come out to the press after the Elche match at the Joan Gamper Tournament to reveal the truth about what happened and the thoughts on his mind about the Spanish talent.

“It’s not true that I don’t want him, I spoke to him before training yesterday

and I’m clear that the young players need to play and I told him that,” Koeman said.

“This can be good for Pedre and Carles Alina as well,

young people like Ricky should participate and it will be very difficult here because of the competition,” he added.

“I told him he has a future here and that we are now thinking about the best way to succeed in Barcelona,” he said.

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Koeman’s talk made the press put to him the idea of sending Butch on loan to a club that guarantees to play in it permanently and then return to Barça again, and he replied,


“It’s a possibility, but it can be good for other young players as well.”

“Young people like him in their 20s have to play constantly and can’t stand up,” he said. We’ve come to conclusions in the last three weeks and Ricky has a lot of competition here.”

Do you need an outright attacker?

We have really big attacking capabilities right now, Messi, Griezmann or any other player can play in the center of the outspoken striker,

we have made changes in attack today, and that’s difficult to match against the opponent.

How did you see Pianic in the game?

You can’t get many results because he hasn’t reached his best level on a physical level,

he’s recently been infected with THE CORONA virus, and we have to walk with him little by little.

How did you see Fatty at the Elche game?

Anso Fati is a great player, the 17-year-old is waiting for him a lot with Barcelona.

How did you feel after the first game at Camp Nou as a coach?

It was special, but it would have been more special in having our audience in the stands.

Ricki plays in midfield, a center that contains Sergio Busquets, Ferenc de Jong,

and newcomer Miralem Pianic, which may explain a little Koeman’s point of view.

Koeman Ricky

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