Surprise: Bartomeu survives the no-confidence campaign by a Legal loophole


Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of Fc Barcelona, has no intention of resigning, despite a campaign of dissonance by members of the Catalan club.

The anti-Bartomeu campaign collected a total of 20,731 signatures from members to request a no-confidence motion from the club’s management,

more than the required minimum of 16,520.

But according to what Evie learned from sources close to the president of the club, Bartomeu will not resign from the post “under any circumstances” and does not think about the possibility of leaving.

Bartomeu’s departure from Barcelona, although he is close, everything could be stopped because of a legal loophole.
Spanish press reports revealed today that the departure of Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu from the club could be suspended due to a legal loophole.

This was because the campaign, which is about to succeed, could be stopped because of the gap.

The newspaper explained that if Bartomeu leaves Barcelona for the time being before the elections scheduled for next March,

he and his board will not be held accountable for the new fiscal year.

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The newspaper confirmed that Bartomeu until he is accounted for the new fiscal year and his accounts are audited must be sealed him himself as was the case in the last financial year.

Barcelona’s administration ended the last financial year with a financial loss of 100 million euros,

which is certainly subject to increase due to the Coronavirus crisis.

The success of the ongoing no-confidence campaign, which is nearing completion, will necessarily mean Bartomeu’s departure and failure to be held accountable for the new fiscal year,

which could hinder the current movement, the newspaper said.

At the same time, Bartomeu is awaiting the outcome of the vote count,

despite several board members calling on him to resign.

It is worth mentioning that the ratification of the votes calling for a vote of no confidence takes 10 working days starting last Wednesday,

with the final vote of no confidence to take place in mid-October.

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