Messi is living his worst day in Barcelona


A Spanish press report on Saturday warned of the consequences of Lionel Messi’s continued with Barcelona this season.

Messi had asked to leave Barça this summer before he had to stay until the end of the season.

According to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, the continuation of the relationship Messi and Barcelona is not a good thing for both parties and may give them the worst result, especially after a month-long dispute.

She pointed out that Messi must continue against his will,

and defend a project that he does not sympathize with and does not believe in, to be the worst scenario in his career.

She explained that the relationship between Messi and President Josep Maria Bartomeu,

and there is no harmony between flea and coach Ronald Koeman.

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The newspaper stressed that emotionally, it is not possible to find a worse scenario for Messi, to come out his best,

pointing out that when Barcelona is exposed in the new season to bad moments and defeats,

it will not be easy for Messi to overcome them.

Knowing how to manage setbacks created the mentality of the winning team and made peace prevail in Barcelona.

She added that Messi could have found a club more suitable to continue making history,


and continuing in Barcelona was undoubtedly the worst option,

and regardless of what the board and the fans might think, the survival of flea is not good news for the club at all in the current climate.

The impact of the crisis, the economic crisis, Messi and Barcelona

Barcelona is experiencing a growing economic crisis,

and there is not even enough money to pay for the settlement of former coach Quiqui Setien,

as well as the need for the team to start a revolution through contracts.

The Catalan club needs the departure of Flea, to give Barcelona space to breathe economically,

but the current administration has a fear of the post-Messi era, and do not believe the fact that that day will come,

but they will first have to face the much weaker version of Barça this season.

“What happened from Barcelona’s management of Messi is a historic mistake,

it can cost the club dearly, even though football is a volatile game,

and it can end up covering up the barbarism of office officials.”

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