Real Madrid is looking for a way out for Serbian Luka Jovic


The process of leaving real Madrid continues, and there could be a surprise that was not expected several weeks ago, in the search for a way out of Serbian striker Luka Jovic.

There is a state of anxiety within the corridors of Santiago Bernabéu for the low level that Jović appeared in his first season with The Maringi

and also his additional sporting problems, but at the same time,

they are convinced that his 22-year-old is helping him get back to good.

Accordingly, Real officials decided to look for an opportunity to come out on loan to regain their lost confidence,

and a team that participates in 40 games, because it is difficult to continue to get a chance to participate under Zidane,

given the high level of Frenchman Karim Benzema.

Once the decision to leave Jovic is made on loan, it will be difficult now to find a perfect destination,

especially given the small number of clubs that can sign with his high salary at Real Madrid

also a team that guarantees him a basic participation.

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In this regard, Milan is one of the teams that have been watching Jović in recent months,


and the relationship with them has been good since the loan of Brahim Diaz, who will be with them until June 2021.

Jovic’s departure could open new ways at Real Madrid, with Maringi a substitute for Benzima,

but Zidane is not counting on the Dominican striker,

as well as the royal club’s displeasure with Diaz’s rejection of offers to leave Zidane’s squad.

Zidane has another plan in his mind, is to use the services of Borja Mayoral

and has many offers on the table including Valencia, Lazio, Levante and Fiorentina,

but he is waiting to solve his future, and he has been training with the rest of his colleagues at Real Madrid for weeks,

and the effort and professionalism attracted zidane’s attention towards him,

so the idea of Real Madrid now to call him to match Real Sociedad in the first games of the white team in the new season of the Spanish league,

and the issue of continuing with Real Madrid is on the table.

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