Koeman’s revolution in Barcelona just promises or reality?


Barça played two friendly matches with new coach Ronald Koeman, who won the two matches but did not manage to come up with a clean sheet.

One game against Gimenastic Tarragona and another against Girona ended with one score 3-1,

one in which Barça got two penalty kicks and the other in the intervention of Lionel Messi to spread his magic and crush the dreams of the opponent.

Although it is too early to judge Barcelona with coach Ronald Koeman but there are some features that appeared in the friendly matches ,

in the following report we monitor the most prominent features of Barcelona with Koeman and crises that need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Game plan

It is clear that barcelona’s game plan under Koeman will be 4-2-3-1 and sometimes 4-3-3 but he is clearly inclined to the first method.

In the first two games, he relied on a 4-2-3-1 plan in the main formation of different names,

whether Pedre or Trincao on the left, or Dembele and Coutinho on the right, but the format has not changed.

Messi and Griezmann crisis

The crisis of overlapping positions between Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann still exists,

so you feel that Messi is playing a fictitious striker and Griezmann is a playmaker or vice versa.

Given the duo’s moves you find a clear overlap while no striker is able to receive the ball and distract the defence as Luis Suarez does.

Messi and Griezmann’s crisis began with Ernesto Valverde and continued with Quiqui Setien so that the latter stated that there was no formation to accommodate the duo, a

nd with Koeman the problem did not seem to be over.

Suarez’s dilemma

Koeman has not found any solution to the absence of an outspoken striker such as Luis Suarez,

but he has not relied on Anso Fati in any game due to injury and the only one who has played an outspoken striker is Braithwaite,

but the Dane is not the best striker to rely on in the main formation on an ongoing basis.

With the complexity of the deals at the moment, Barcelona will suffer a lot from the absence of Suarez

Pedre and Trincao got a chance and made good appearances in the friendly,

but the surprise was American Conrad, who played in the left wing.

Because Barcelona have suffered a lot in recent times from the lack of players in the centre wing,

Conrad’s presence will be an additional solution despite his young age,


and it could be an opportunity for Koeman to give Fatty the centre of the outspoken striker.

Araujo’s chance at centre-back defence and a very good showing in the friendly could help Koeman strengthen the back line of the teams with the complexities of including a defender in the transfer market.
Defensive problems

Although Arachno was the best player in the preparatory period,

it is not the solution to the defensive problems, especially on the sides.

Barcelona’s showing is not at their best at all and the team is suffering greatly from either Jordi Alba or Sergi Roberto and therefore the crises remain.

Barcelona also suffer edifying defensive rebounds due to the slow ness of the midfield,

even Frinky de Jong was not at his best next to Sergio Busquets,

and therefore received a goal in every game despite the poor level of the opponent.

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The difficulty of finding a place for new deals

It’s about newcomer Trincao or returner Felipe Coutinho.

The Portuguese has many advantages but all bring him closer to Messi or Griezmann,

and Barcelona are already in crisis in putting Messi and Griezmann in one formation.

Trincao is a player who prefers to be on the left side and goes into the depth and therefore interferes with Messi,

so it is difficult to hire him and get his best in the important games of the season.

Coutinho played in the centre of the wing but his defensive and physical return and pressure were not the best,

which means he needs more freedom that he will not get in the presence of Messi.

Pedre is also either playing in the centre wing or third centre,

and this could interfere with Dembele, Trincaor or Alinia and Butch.

Barcelona’s defensive problems are no different from last season

and are koeman’s first task to come up with a better season.

In sum, Coman’s task will not be easy at all. He has to find the best squad in a short time because the first official meeting will be next week. Let’s wait and see.

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