Klopp, on Thiago: Follow Liverpool’s channels … and it will not affect anyone’s future


Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s coach, refused to announce a deal to include

Thiago Alcantara from Bayern Munich, indicating that the matter looks very promising.

“The matter is not official ,

and I am not the one who announces it,” Klopp said at a press conference today, Friday,

to talk about the upcoming match against Chelsea, Sunday, in the Premier League.

He added: “It looks promising,

my hands are tied to a large extent.

It may be useful for fans to follow Liverpool FC channels today.”

Thiago addressed a letter of thanks to Bayern Munich on Friday,


indicating that he needed to take on a new challenge.

Media reports stated that Thiago’s joining Liverpool may mean the departure of midfielder Jenny Vinaldom,

“If that happens, I can say that hiring Thiago will not

affect anyone’s future in Liverpool in a negative way.”

He continued, “This does not mean that someone needs to leave.”

Bayern announced the departure of Thiago and his approach to Liverpool on Thursday.

in a deal that could be worth up to 25 million pounds after the incentives.

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