Barcelona confirms that it has received the no-confidence signatures for Bartomeu … and sets the schedule


The impeachment campaign of the Council of Josep Maria Bartomeu, President of Barcelona, ​​collected 20,731,000 signatures, about 4,000 more than the number required to remove President Bartomeu from his post in Barca.

Barcelona announced on Thursday evening that it had received the votes of no confidence in the current Council of Barsa led by Josep Maria Bartomeu,

and the need to verify the validity of these signatures, which have received 20,687 thousand signatures, from 20,731 signatures.

The Catalan club issued an official statement:

  • This evening, Member Jordi Fari, promoter of the vote of no confidence campaign from the current management of Barcelona, handed over the signatures of the members of the club in support of their request in the offices of the Barça fans’ service.”

  • Once the number of these votes was made, the total was 20,687 votes, pending verification in accordance with article 55.4 of the club’s laws.

  • The no-confidence vote against Bartomeu is carried out under article 55 of the Catalan club’s laws.

Article 55.1: In this case, all no-confidence vote affects the current board members.

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Article 55.2: The number of valid signatures exceeds 15% of the percentage of members who have the right to vote,


and with a number of 16,520 signatures.

Article 55.3: These signatures shall be received within a period of 14 working days, beginning the day after the vote.

Article 55.4: From now on, for 10 days, a voting verification board will be formed, consisting of two members of the current council,

the first two members who signed a no-confidence motion, and a delegate from the Catalan Football Federation.

During this period, the signatures must be validated and meet all requirements,

specifically those that have sufficient numerical support for club members,

and this committee can revoke the validity of unapproved signatures and request the necessary inquiries to verify their validity.

If all these requirements are met, the campaign request must be accepted,

and the Barcelona Board of Directors will be asked to call for a vote,

which must be held within a period of at least 1 working days, not exceeding 20 days.

If the requirements are not met, a no-confidence vote will be rejected from the current Board of Directors.

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