Barcelona threatened to lose Messi to Villarreal, Celta Vigo and Sevilla


It seems that the current season, in which the talented Argentine Lionel Messi agreed to stay with his club Barcelona,

will see a lot of problems between the captain and his team until it ends and go in the direction of many critics and international sports analysts.

Messi agreed to stay for the end of his last current season in his contract with Barcelona,

until he gets rid of the obstacle of the penalty clause in his contract of 700 million euros,

which deprived him of his desire to leave this summer from the Catalan club,

and will be entitled in January to sign for any club free of charge for Barcelona,

to leave in the end of June in accordance with the law of Bosman players.

With Messi returning to Barcelona’s training and playing in the friendly matches in preparation for the start of the new season,

which the Catalan team begins against Villarreal on September 27th,

problems have begun because of Messi’s pursuit of Barcelona.

According to Spanish press reports, Barcelona are now in danger of losing the services of Messifi in the first three games of the Spanish First Division this season,

due to the player’s international association with the Argentine national team.

According to the Catalan newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” that Barcelona expects Messi’s position to join the camp of his national team in preparation


for the matches Ecuador and Bolivia in the qualifiers of the continent of South America qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar,

and these two games are scheduled for the 8th and 13th of October next year, respectively.

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The Catalan newspaper (Mundo Deportivo) said, that the crisis lies in the new system for the presence of players with their national teams due to the coronavirus,

which was approved by FIFA to enter the player in quarantine for two weeks before being with the national team,

as part of the precautionary and preventive measures in light

of the crisis of the global epidemic and fears of a new outbreak.

If Messi joins Argentina and played these two games, he will miss his team’s first three Liga matches this season

against Villarreal, Celta Viejo and Sevilla, respectively.

There is no doubt that messi’s absence will be a major blow to Barcelona this season

under the leadership of his new manager Ronald Koeman

to regain his glory at the local level by regaining the title of The Spanish League,

and continental competition strongly for the Champions League title,

and his dignity in the championship was restored after the recent humiliating loss to Bayern Munich 8-2.

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