An unpromising start between Messi and Koeman in Barcelona


The relationship in the new football season between the legend Lionel Messi and the veteran Dutch coach Ronald Koeman,

inside the corridors of Fc Barcelona will not go well, after the problems that flared up between the Argentine and his club management and Koeman ahead of the start of the season.

Messi was determined to leave Barcelona and boycotted the team’s training for several days,

before reluctantly returning his decision after Barcelona boss Josep Maria Bartomeu refused to allow him to leave until the end of his contract in June 2021 or to pay the penalty clause in the contract of 700 million euros,

which all Clubs in Europe were unable to pay.

Messi participated on Wednesday evening, in the friendly match against Girona, under the leadership of Ronald Koeman,

where he pushed him in the first half of the match that ended with the victory of the Catalan team 3-1, from which the legend Messi scored two goals.

Barça succeeded in winning their second friendly, repeating the same result achieved against his counterpart Jimanstic,

and looking at a final friendly in the Juan Gamper Cup against the Elche team before the start of their matches in the Spanish league for the new season,

which opens against Villarreal on the 27th of this month.

The friendly match with Girona revealed that the relationship between Messi and his coach is not so good,


the moment Messi left the stadium and when he shook hands with his coach Koeman,

peace came cold between the two parties, and did not pay attention to the player feat,

which sparked speculation in some international media about the relationship between the two parties in the new season.

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Messi had come out angry from his first meeting from Koeman before the start of the new season in a period when Messi insisted to leaving because of the way the Dutch coach spoke with him during the first meeting,

and that he told him that the team is the only star he has,

and there is no pampering and special treatment for any star as in the past.

Despite this heat-free, pale handshake between Koeman and Messi following the player’s participation in the Girona match,

the Dutch coach praised the player in his remarks after the end of the game

and confirmed that Messi is the cornerstone of the Barcelona team in the coming period.

He added: Messi, Griezmann, and Coutinho, they give me good options,

and they can play anywhere in attack and that is good for the team.

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