The “Més Que Una Moció platform” announces that it has 12,700 signatures


The Més Que Una Moció platform needs 3,500 more in the next 48 hours

Next Thursday the 17th must bring to the club the singaturas collected

Jordi Farré, promoter and legal representative of the attempted motion of censure against Josep Maria Bartomeu,

appeared at a press conference on Monday at the Collegi de d’Enginyers to explain the news of a process that has four days left and in which the eight opinion groups and three candidates who want to overthrow the current president need 16,520 valid signatures for the motion to be put to the vote.

Once that point is reached, the motion of censure would succeed if two-thirds of the votes were in favour of it.

The drivers of the motion of censure aga inst Josep Maria Bartomeu and its board of directors announced on Tuesday morning that they have 12,700 signatures when the collection deadline is 48 hours away.


This means that the platform ‘Més Que Una Moció’ will need to bring together 3,820 more signatures between This Tuesday and Wednesday,

because in case of reaching the figure you must present them to the club on Thursday, September 17.

In statements to Esport 3, Marc Duch, one of the spokesmen of the motion,

said that “until the 17th we will not know if we have the necessary signatures,

but we are doing well. We can’t expect great things in times of pandemic and no match at Camp Nou but we are satisfied.”

And I added that “the last days are always the most powerful.”

About this last statement, the leader of the #NouImpulsBarça pre-award, Jordi Farré,

asked the other precandidates to participate in the motion of censure “maximum implication” and “effort” in the final stretch.

Farré is the driving force for the vote of censure and therefore its ultimate responsibility.

“We are dedicating all the logistical and economic resources,” he explains.

“I hope the group’s pre-minutes will provide the necessary resources and do so this past week,” Farré said.

September 2020
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