It was agreed between Barcelona and Inter Milan regarding the transfer of Arturo Vidal


Media reports have indicated that Fc Barcelona and Inter Milan have reached a deal on the transfer of Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal to Neratzuri.

Spain’s Barcelona and Inter Milan have reached a total agreement on Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal,

with the player moving to Neratzuri this summer.

According to RAC 1 radio, Vidal will travel Tuesday morning to Milan, Italy,

to undergo the necessary medical examinations in preparation for the official announcement of the completion of the deal.

According to information issued by RAC 1 radio, the Italian administration will pay its Spanish counterpart 500,000 euros,

in addition to some variables, in exchange for Vidal’s departure to Inter Milan and joining the battalion of Italian coach Antonio Conte.

She also stated that Vidal would receive a small amount of money from Barcelona before officially leaving.

Italian reports have indicated in the past few days that Vidal has reached a verbal agreement with Inter Milan and that he will sign a two-season contract,

with the possibility of extending it for another season, for 6 million euros per season.

Italian reports indicated that Vidal will receive 2.4 million euros from Barcelona as variables he did not receive from previous seasons.

The Italian newspaper reported that Vidal will leave Barcelona free of charge,


but other reports indicated that Inter Milan will pay a symbolic amount to the Catalan administration

in addition to some money as variables as in the deal to join Croatian Ivan Rakitic to Sevilla.

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Vidal joined Barcelona from Bayern Munich in the summer of 2018 for 18 million euros.

He remained in Barcelona for two seasons, during which he won the Spanish Serie A and Spanish Super Cup.

Bayern Munich’s match last August in the Quarter-Finals of the Champions League,

which ended with the German champions winning the second two goals,

was the last meeting Vidal played in the Barcelona shirt.

Vidal has a contract with Barcelona until next season, however, as soon as Dutch coach Ronald Koeman arrives at the Camp Nou,

he contacted Vidal and told him that he was out of his calculations and that he had to look for another destination.

Vidal immediately entered into negotiations with Inter Milan,

and the official announcement of the deal is expected within the next few hours.

September 2020
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