Mourinho criticizes his players and referees after losing to Everton


Jose Mourinho, the coach of Tottenham Hotspur, criticized his players

and the referees’ crew for the Everton match in the first round of Premier

League, which ended with a 1-0 defeat at Hotspur Stadium.

Mourinho said in his statements to “Sky Sports” after the match: “The suffering started through the way we pressed the opponent,

or let me say the way we did not pressure, because our method of pressure was very weak.”

He continued: “I can say that the pressure was lazy, and when you press lazily,

there is no pressure and make the opponent build the attack from the back, knowing that they have great players, and this does not apply to Everton only,

but almost the entire Premier League

, when you let them build.” Attacking from the back gives them great comfort. “

He added, “I can also say that a number of the players were not fully prepared,

The refereeing performance received some criticism, too, as the Portuguese said: “In the second half, they scored the goal, which in my view is a bit strange.”Duharty died. He was struggling to play the way he used to, the way you wanted him to play, for example.”

He continued: “This is not a justification for the result, it is not a justification for the defeat, and it is not a justification for the weak level, but with a large number of referees on the field and on the line, taking a fixed kick by at least 5 meters makes me think it is amazing because before the goal I was saying this to the referee.” Indeed.”

And he added: “5 meters in a position in which a cross can be played can make a big difference,

as for the positioning of the team’s defense line in the direction of the cross

, but I don’t want to say much about these things.”

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