Statement of the girls who caused the expulsion greenwood and foden From the England national team


After Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden were both expelled from the England national team camp, the models NADÍA SIF LÍNDAL revealed How was the night with them.

England’s Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden have been subjected to a resounding sex scandal that led to their expulsion from the England team,

after they welcomed two Icelandic girls to their rooms at the Team Camp Hotel during the European Championships,

despite strict Coronavirus protocols prohibiting the reception of visitors,

and the English Federation’s rules prohibiting the reception of girls during international tournaments.

The English newspaper “The Sun” revealed the involvement of the disgraced England couple in another crime to carry out their plan to receive two girls in their room inside the camp of the English team,

where they paid a bribe to the hotel worker to help the girls sneak into their rooms,

despite strict protocols of the Coronavirus that prohibits the reception of visitors.

The newspaper reported that the two girls involved in the sex scandal of the two young England players,

including model and 20-year-old actress Nadia Seif Lindel Gunnarsdottir,

candidate for Miss Iceland in 2019, and her cousin Lara Clawson, 19, also a model and law school student.

One of the two young women who were with them decided to reveal how she communicated with the players (Foden-Greenwood)

and what happened on this evening that caused them to be expelled from the team camp.

In an interview with the British Daily Mail, 20-year-old model Nadia Seif Lindel Gunarsdottir explained how the meeting happened:

“We got to know each other online. I was talking to Mason a few days before they arrived in Iceland.”

Neither the young girl (who reached the final of the Miss World pageant last year) nor her cousin, 19-year-old law school student Lara Clawson,

knew exactly who the footballers were before talking to them and visiting them at the hotel.

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Nadia Saif Gunarsdottir admitted: “I feel bad about what happened to them and I never wanted to put them in this situation,


but we didn’t know they were in quarantine, if we knew, we wouldn’t have gone to meet them.

We didn’t even know who Phil (Foden) was.

I asked him who he was.

I’m not interested in football, I don’t watch it.

We didn’t even know Mason (Greenwood) was playing for Manchester United.”

They were very noble and nice to us

The model did not want to provide much detail about it,

but explained that the behaviour of the players with them was perfect, and said: “It was a good night of course.

We spent time getting to know each other, the four of us. They were very nice men.”

For his part, her cousin Lara Clawson added: “We are young and foolish and we all make mistakes.

They treated us very well.

They were noble, very nice.”

The Two Icelanders also specified that the players did not book hotel rooms for them,

and confirmed Nadia Saif Gunnarsdottir: «We did it ourselves and paid for this from our money»,

and on the other hand, the model stated that since the appearance of the scandal,

they have not spoken or knew anything from the players again: «We have not spoken to them since.

We do not want to upset them because of course they have more problems than we do now. They didn’t call us.”

Nadia added that she had been talking to Greenwood “for a few days” before travelling to Iceland after meeting them online and did not know they had to be quarantined after assuming they would be tested before the match.

“I feel very sorry for them and I never wanted to, but we didn’t know anything better and we didn’t know they were in quarantine,

otherwise we wouldn’t have gone to meet them.” We didn’t even know who Phil was.

I asked Phil who he was. I don’t like football very much. I don’t watch football at all. I didn’t even know that Mason was playing for Manchester United. We haven’t talked to him since.

We don’t want to boycott them because of course they’re going through a lot now. They didn’t call us.”

“They were young.” We were all young and stupid and we all made mistakes.

We’ve treated us really well.

They were such gentlemen. Really good.”

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