Klopp: Salah was exceptional and he made one of his best matches with us


Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp stated that Mohamed Salah, the team’s winger,

played one of his best matches with the team, saying that he was an

exceptional player during the Leeds United confrontation at the Premiership opening.

Klopp said in his remarks after the 4-3 victory over Leeds United: “I would like to congratulate Salah,

he is a very special player. The numbers tell us a bit about it, but today was a perfect example.

His performance was exceptional, and he deserved the goals he scored. He scored my kick.” A penalty and a goal with a great shot, he was constantly present, and he made them trouble.

And he continued talking about the Egyptian player, who scored a hat-trick in the match: “Among all the matches that Mohamed Salah played with us, this match is among the best, and we hope this will continue.”


As for the team’s performance in the match, he said: “We can be better, we should be better,

and we will be better. I liked many times during the match. We played at a really good level,

and we used our skills to create problems for them. We could have scored more and used Set kicks I’m really happy. ”

Liverpool kicked off the Premier League title with a thrilling victory over Leeds United.

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