Arteta: The nene is excellent, and I know what distinguishes it and the points that need to be developed


Mikel Arteta praised Arsenal’s coach, saying that he had performed with

distinction in the team’s training, and also confirmed that he knows the

things in which he excels in addition to what he needs to develop.

Al-Nini returned to participating with Arsenal after 16 months, without participating in any official match with Arsenal, and he was able to participate in the full match against Fulham in the league.

“Al Nani was excellent in training and he played well. I played with him before at Arsenal,

and I know what he can offer us, and what he needs to develop,” Arteta said in a 3-0 victory over Fulham at the Premier League.

Al-Nani spent the last season on loan with Besiktas, and was able to show well,

which prompted Arteta to rely on him during the preparation period and the Charity Shield match.

Arteta played with Al Nani at Arsenal under the leadership of Arsene Wenger, before retiring and joining Pep Guardiola’s coaching staff in Manchester City.

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