Suarez refuses to accompany Ronaldo .. stay in Barcelona or leave for Atletico Madrid


Luis Suarez’s accession negotiations with Juventus
Press reports have revealed that Luis Suarez, a Barcelona player, prefers to play in La Liga and does not want to leave for Juventus.

It explained that Ronald Koeman, the coach of The Bluegrana, does not rule out suarez remaining in the team for an additional season given the difficulty of selling him.

An unexpected step.

Spanish press reports have claimed that Luis Suarez, the Barcelona striker,

prefers to move to Atlético Madrid than to travel to Juventus, with the possibility of continuing with Barça next season.

The confirmation from The Bluegrana has said that Ronald Koeman, the new coach of the Catalan club,

has informed Suarez that he is out of plans for next season.

But according to reports from The Catalan Channel 3,

Suarez’s chances of staying at the Camp Nou are increasing, while Koeman does not mind it in a surprise.

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“Deportes Cuatro”, she claimed that if Suárez had to choose between Atlético and Juventus,

he would prefer to stay in Spain and join Diego Simeone’s squad.


The only crisis that stands in the way of the Uruguayan’s entry into Wanda Metropolitano is Suarez’s high salary,

which he will have to reduce considerably to suit Atleti’s current potential.

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It is known that the Juventus management has reached an agreement with Suárez to join the Bianconeri for 10 million euros a year,

but it is now all depending on his access to Italian citizenship.

Suarez may back off from the move to The Bianconeri in general,

and the option of continuing at Barcelona remains strongly on the table alongside the great interest of Atletico Madrid.

It is worth mentioning that Lionel Messi’s stay at Barcelona may make the Catalan administration prefer to keep his close friend Suarez for his speeches,

which reinforces the news of the 34-year-old’s continued existence.

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