Barcelona’s presidential election date set


Officially.. Barcelona election date announced and historic president announces candidacy

Is change really going to happen?

FC Barcelona announced on Thursday evening (September 10th) the date and duration of the elections of the club’s board of directors,

which is currently chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu.

According to the statement, the elections will be held on March 20th and 21st.

In order to maintain public health in the face of the CORONA virus crisis,

the Council decided that the elections would be held in two days, the weekend,

with voting available in different places in catalonia.

The club’s regular assembly meeting is scheduled for October 25,

the same day as real Madrid’s match at the Camp Nou,

with the possibility of canceling the appointment if health conditions are not met.

Juan Laporta, barcelona’s historic president, announced his candidacy for the presidential seat,

joining four other candidates who confirmed their participation in the competition.

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The other four are Luis Fernandez Ala, Augusti Benedetto, Victor Font and Jordi Fari,

while the position of current President Josep Maria Bartomeu remains unknown.

Laporta had already run in the 2015 election against Bartomeu,

but the latter won the confidence of voters and the historic president came in second with 15,615 votes.


It is worth mentioning that Laporta assumed the presidency of Barcelona between 2004 and 2010 and achieved unmatched achievements,

the most important of which is the historic six in 2009 and the champions of the Champions League 2006 and 2009.

FC Barcelona went through a very difficult season, as the team came out for the first time in years without any title,

which angered the fans of the club towards president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Barcelona’s election

A large segment of the crowd demanded the departure of Bartomeu from his post,

especially after he entered into a crisis with the team leader Lionel Messi,

who expressed his desire to leave the club this summer, but the management prevented this from happening.

The end of the season ended in a football disaster, with Barcelona suffering a resounding loss to Bayern Munich with eight goals to two goals in the quarter-finals of the Champions League,

which was a major reason for barcelona’s contract with Dutch coach Ronald Koeman, who in turn expressed his desire to give up Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez,

Chilean Arturo Vidal and Croatian Ivan Rakitic (who has already left for Sevilla).

Barcelona’s election

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