European Nations League results .. Germany continues to waste points and win Russia, Wales and Greece


European nations league, Germany continues to waste points and win Russia, Wales and Greece.

Germany continued their series of squandering points with a positive new draw against Switzerland with a goal at St. Jacob’s Park on Sunday,

in the second edition of the European Nations League.

Mannschaft led the score through center star Elkay Gundogan in the 14th minute after a ground shot passed to the left of goalkeeper Jan Sommer.

But the owners equalized in the 58th minute thanks to right-back Sylvain Weider.

Spain achieved its first victory in the tournament, having honored Ukraine’s hospitality with a clean four.

With these two results, the Spaniard leads the group by four points, one point ahead of Ukraine,

while Germany has two points in third place, one point ahead of Switzerland at the bottom of the standings.

The third round in October will see Spain continue to play on home soil, where it will host Switzerland, while the Germans will be guests of Ukraine.

Group C, Level 2.

In the rest of the tournament, Russia continued their victories in Group C in the second tier,

this time in The House of Hungary (2-3).

In the same group, a negative draw against Serbia and Turkey was a draw.

Russia leads the group with the full mark so far (6 points),

followed by Hungary (3 points), turkey and Serbia with a point in third and fourth place respectively.
Group 4, level two.


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In Group D at the same level,

Wales took the lead with a second consecutive victory with the same result with a clean goal against Bulgaria,

while Finland claimed its first victory in the tournament with the same result at the expense of the Republic of Ireland.

Wales leads with six points, with Finland in second place,

while Bulgaria and the Republic of Ireland are in third and fourth places respectively.

Group 3, level three.

In the third tier, Greece secured their first victory in Group C with a two-goal lead over Kosovo,

the same for Slovenia, who had a goal against Moldova.

With these results, Greece leads the group with 4 points and a goal difference from Slovenia,

while Slovenia and Moldova have a point in third and fourth place respectively.

Group 1, Level 4.

In the fourth level and in Group A, the Faroe Islands won their second consecutive victory with a goal against Andorra, while Malta drew 1-1 with Latvia in each net.

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