Controversy in Barcelona over a candidate to support the midfield in the summer Mercato


Ronald Koeman asked to sign the player Wijnaldum, but inside the Camp Nou corridors they prefer Thiago Alcantara,

and therefore the controversy continues in Barcelona until the first contract with a spearhead striker.

Barcelona are considering the possibility of signing a midfielder once a striker is included to replace uruguayan Luis Suarez,

who sedates his signing with Juventus after he exited the accounts of Dutch coach Ronald Koeman in the next season 2020-2021. Wijnaldum Alcantara

The priority is the spearhead striker and then inside the Camp Nou they will analyze how the team’s strength in the midfield looks in case of need for reinforcements,

and in particular, and with what kind of players to do so, and in this sense,

there is controversy and differenceof opinion within the Catalan entity, according to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

On the one hand, Ronald Koeman put a name on the table to come to defend the colours of the Blues, namely: Dutch midfielder Georginio Wijnaldom,

who will turn 30 in November and play for English club Liverpool,

where the Dutch coach knows him well and worked together when Koeman was coach of the Netherlands, in addition,

the contract of Finaldom expires in 2021 and he can come out at a reasonable price (25 million euros at most).

In the face of the departure of Croatian Ivan Rakitic (to Sevilla)

and the next Chilean Arturo Vidal (full agreement with Inter Milan),

with similar features to Finalum, the process of luring him to barcelona began,

but in the offices of the Camp Nou they confirmed that for the time being no progress in the negotiations have been made so far. Wijnaldum Alcantara

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The lack of progress in the negotiations seems to be due to the fact that the name of the Spanish player


Thiago Alcantara (29-year-old German Bayern Munich player) is reluctant more strongly to join Barça and return to the ranks again.

Sources inside the club acknowledge to the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” that Thiago Alcantara is a player they love – coach Koeman also likes,

although he was not under his leadership like Wijndaldum –

but they point out that the process will be complicated because they believe that his departure is advanced,

specifically, to Liverpool, the owner of the other player in this conflict (Wijnaldum).

Thus, the useful debate in favour of the club is on the table,

given that they are two different players that Barcelona have suffered in the past two years in the Champions League.

The Dutchman scored twice for Liverpool at Anfield (4-0) in the 2018-19 season,

while Thiago Alcantara starred for Bayern Munich at the Daluz Stadium in Lisbon in Barcelona’s historic 8-2 defeat.

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Now, Barcelona has to analyze what is best for the team at the moment, but also in the medium term,

whether by satisfying and implementing coach Koeman’s instructions or restoring a player

who grew up in Barcelona and is now in a stage of full football maturity and the character of the leader,

as he showed with Bayern Munich as well as the Spanish national team.

At the same time, Thiago yesterday denied any negotiations with Liverpool, and as Mundo Deportivo has learned,

the Spanish international will always keep the door open for Barcelona,

where he was formed in his ranks, at least to hear the offer of the Catalan club.

So far, unlike Vendaldom, negotiations with Alcantara have not begun, and debate continues within the Camp Nou offices.

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