The talent of the century Premier League awaits “the new Ronaldo”


Sporting Lisbon legend Manuel Fernandes was the first to attract the

world’s attention to Silva, during a conversation centered on Cristiano

Ronaldo, before the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Silva is one of the most prominent emerging talents in the world, which

prompted the famous English club, Wolves, to make a huge offer, worth 35

million pounds, according to English reports, in order to win the player’s services, amid expectations that major global clubs are rushing to sign him in the future.

English club Wolverhampton is preparing to announce one of its most prominent deals, as its negotiations with its Portuguese counterpart, Porto, regarding the contract with Fabio Silva, who is only 17 years old, have reached their final stages.

And according to the network “Bleacher Report” Fernandes gave the name

of Silva in the middle of an interview about the center of Cristiano Ronaldo,

Real Madrid’s star at the time, and said: “When Ronaldo was 17 years old,

he played as an outspoken striker in the youth ranks of Sporting Lisbon, I

saw things from him I see now from Fabio Silva is the boy from Porto, in a short time he will be an amazing striker. “


NBC added that Jorge Silva, a former football player and Fabio’s father, did not believe that his 15-year-old son at the time was compared to the Portuguese football legend, and quickly went to his son to push him to watch what was said about him, amidst the couple’s amazement.

With great happiness, FC Porto announced that he had secured his

outstanding talent in the summer of 2019, after he had achieved amazing

levels in the youth ranks, as he participated in the U-19 team before he was

over 16 years old, and despite playing among colleagues and competitors of

his age, he scored 33 goals in 39 matches .

Porto concluded a professional contract with Silva, with a penalty clause of

25 million euros, but the rookie player became the youngest to participate

and to score in the Porto first team shirt, where he scored three times in 11

matches, to accelerate the club to improve his contract, with a historical value in relation to the penalty clause.

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