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Hansi Flick, From a bank employee to train Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich coach Hansi Flick has gone from shadow to shadow with his great success with the Bavarian club and his leadership to repeat the historic trilogy of 2013,

winning the League, Cup, and Champions League.

Since taking over as Bayern’s technical manager last November,

his players have not stopped praising his attributes, qualifications, and rationality after he turned the team into a deadly and hungry machine.

Flik is not a well-known name for the world football fans, his experiences as a first man are not many or in big clubs,

but he remains a great privilege as the second man behind Joachim Love in the 2014 World Cup crown for the German national team.

But what’s the story of Hansi Flick? That coach who entered football late as a player,

but he was born big, and how did he get to the position of coach of Bayern Munich? In this report, we review Flick’s journey with football.

Bank employee rejected football

At the age of 18, Flik had a good chance to be born a hero, as the officials of the prestigious Stuttgart club offered him to join their ranks,

but Flik was working in a bank and agreed on the condition that he work edited at the bank and train with the team at the same time.

But this did not receive the acceptance of the Schwabins management,

which chose him either to work in the bank and become a substitute within the team, or leave him and become a battalion of the main battalion of the southern giant,

which culminated in the same world title of the German League.

In the end, Flik said he preferred to stay inside the bank and play basically at the same time, and since it wasn’t available, his move to Stuttgart failed.

Playing with a Bayern Munich

At the age of 20, he was discovered by Bayern Munich scouts, to go through five years of his career in the Bavarian giant shirt during which he achieved four Bundesliga titles and a German Cup title,

and then moved to the ranks of Colin, but the injury he suffered at the time made him retire from football at the age of only 28.

His journey with training

Flik began training by working at Hoffenheim in the lower grades and laid the foundation stone between 2000 and 2005 for the team to climb to the Bundesliga.

It is a funny coincidence that the man who succeeded Flik at Hoffenheim and led him up to the Bundesliga and then wrote a history was Ralf Rangnik,

who was a prominent candidate to be Bayern Munich’s permanent coach after Flik.

Flik worked briefly with veteran Italian Giovanni Trapattoni as an assistant coach at Red Bull Salzburg,

before receiving the life-changing call when Joachim Löw offered him his assistant coaching Germany in 2006.

From 2006 to 2014, Flik was Germany’s second man,

and he and Love scored a new history as the first German team duo to play in any international match as Mannschaft players.

After leaving the team after the World Cup in Brazil, he briefly worked in the management corps at Hoffenheim,

before starting this season to help Nico Kovac straining Bayern Munich.

When asked why he agreed to the job, he said, “I didn’t think much once the offer arrived,

working at Bayern Munich is a big and special thing.”

His training ideas

Unlike most of his generation’s German coaches, Flik is a highly conservative coach who does not like attack or overall ball

and prefers to have strong defenses rather than an offensive force without defensive security.


The 54-year-old’s first words after taking over Bayern were clear,

as he clearly expressed the value of having a strong defensive line that guarantees the team a win,

but at the same time did not diminish the importance of the attack.

Bayern Munich in particular always tends to coaches with purely offensive philosophy,

and there is no evidence that Eric Tin Haag is a graduate of Bayern Training School, and his successor Tim Walter,

who currently works in Stuttgart, is also an attacking midfielder.

But Flik balanced and won the heart of the crowd, and reassured them the condition of the team,

which did not receive a shot on the goal of Manuel Neuer during the games Olympiacos

and Borussia Dortmund in the first games.

It also seemed clear that Flik inherited the ability to deal with players from Love,

as most Bayern Munich players like to deal with him on the one hand

and the other hand they trust his abilities,

and he treats himself with them as a friend and can win their friendliness,

just as his teacher in the German team does.

There is no evidence of this that he was the first to contain Javi Martinez

when he cried for lack of play and Kovac’s neglect,

which reassured the Romenge management that it would be the occasion for this era

and ideal for the idea of a temporary coach who reunites the team and improves the atmosphere.

His story with Bayern Munich

The story was already unexpected. When (Croatian) Niko Kovac was sacked last November,

Flik was his assistant for only three months, and at the age of 54,

he was never a head coach for any professional team, and his experience was limited to the highest levels for eight years as an assistant to Joachim Löw in the German national team,

with the title of 2014 world champion in Brazil.

Flik was initially appointed as interim coach and was scheduled to remain in his post for only a few days until

Bayern Munich reached an agreement with a coach to succeed Kovacs,

whose relationship with the players was bad and reflected on the level and results.

But after three victories with Flik, the Bavarian club’s management renewed their temporary coach’s contract for a month and then continued to do well to extend the season,

before deciding to extend it until 2023.

“We can all be happy with the choice of Hansi Flik and our confidence in him,

he has restored this confidence to us 100 times, and brought important values to the team and the club,

” said The Bavarian Club’s chief executive KARL-HEINZ RUMMENIGGE This week.

Values of action, rigor, and freedom to play, but also, above all, off-field, calm, and mutual trust.

He abandoned the rotation adopted by his Croatian predecessor and

succeeded in developing a typical basic composition based on the elements that Kovac had shaken.

A few weeks after he was installed in office, Germany’s most popular magazine, Kicker, summed up public opinion:

“In a short time, Bayern’s interim coach has re-established his identity.

The Bavarians are back in control again, the ball is moving, the game is more organized.”


With these qualities, Flik succeeded in overcoming his opponents, who faced them with great results in the Champions League,

starting with Tottenham through Chelsea and ending with Barcelona

and then culminating in the Champions League after beating Paris Saint-Germain in the final, in addition to the domestic duo (league and cup).

We leave you with this creative video directed by the Barcelona Agency website team, Enjoyable watching

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