Urgent.. Lionel Messi announces his stay in Barcelona


Argentine star Lionel Messi announced that he will stay in Barcelona for an additional season,

officially cutting all the doubts that accompanied the correspondence between him and the club when he informed them of his desire to leave.

This was made in lengthy statements by the player with the Spanish website Jules, in which he revealed all the things that have happened in recent times.

Messi said in his remarks that he discussed the departure with the Barcelona administration long ago, not in the wake of bayern’s historic defeat,

which he describes as very shocking.

Messi pointed out that his family refused to leave Barcelona, stressing that he always wanted to retire at the Catalan club,

which refused to go with him to the courts and this was the most attractive option put forward by the Barcelona administration in its meeting with the Argentine flea.

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FC Barcelona went through a major sporting crisis in the desire of its captain Lionel Messi to leave the team during the current summer.

The Barcelona administration, headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu, has denied Messi’s departure,

insisting on the player’s continued leadership and the leadership of the new Dutch coach Ronald Koeman.

The recent period saw meetings between Jorge Messi, Lionel’s father and agent, to decide the player’s future.

The problem was messi’s desire to leave for free, according to the terms of his contract (according to his father’s account and legal team),

unlike the Barcelona administration, which insists on charging the player’s penalty of 700 million euros to approve his departure this summer.

We recently pointed out that the Argentine star is considering staying at Barcelona until the end of his contract (summer of 2021),

wanting to leave the big door and avoid getting into a legal fight between him and the club he has sheltered for 20 years.

Messi announced on Friday evening in his remarks that he will continue with Barcelona next season,

after more than a week of messages exchanged between him and the management of the club.

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