Messi reveals the reaction of “Matteo and Thiago” after the decision to leave Barcelona


Argentine star Lionel Messi revealed the scenes of his retreat from his

decision to leave his Spanish club Barcelona, ​​and the reasons behind this

after he informed the club’s management that he did not want to continue.

Messi gave a lengthy interview to the global Goal website,

and spoke about the position of his family and ,

his two sons, Thiago and Matteo,

regarding his initial decision to leave.

Messi said: “All this time was difficult for everyone, I was clear about what I want, my wife supported me and accompanied me with all her heart.”

Regarding his son Matteo, he added, laughing: “Matteo, the most important member of the family (laughing), is still a child and does not realize what it means to go to another place and make your life for a few years in another place. Yes, Thiago is older, he heard something on TV and found out something and asked.”


On his message to Barcelona fans, Messi commented: “I will do my best to

fight for all goals and I hope to devote myself to people who have gone

through a bad time. I have had a bad time this year, but it is hypocritical to compare it to people who have already gone through a bad time with the Corona virus, and people who have lost their relatives.” They lost a lot of things. “

He stressed: “I hope to be able to present my best victories and dedicate them to all those people who accompany us, who are going through a bad time … We can overcome this virus forever and return to normal.”

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