Messi: I didn’t think about leaving because of the money. And Barcelona doesn’t have a project.


Argentine Lionel Messi confirmed in his statements that he continues with FC Barcelona next season in order to leave the club later from the big door.

Lionel gave an interview to the international website “GOAL” in his Spanish version in which he announced his continuation with Barcelona,

stressing that he will not enter into a judicial conflict against his club.

Here are the highlights of the interview:

What’s more pain edited after 20 years of defending the club shirt?

Everything was said this period, what my friends said and what was raised about my search for money, I always put the club before anything,

I could have left Barcelona many times, money?

I could leave every year and earn more money than I did in Barcelona,

I always confirmed that Barcelona is my home, that’s what I’ve been feeling in the past and what I feel right now,

I feel like I need to change, for new challenges, goals and things.

Is the absence of a project in Barcelona the reason for your decision to leave and what are the reasons for the decision to continue?

Certainly that my decision cost me a lot, not the defeat of Bayern the reason,

the reason many things, always confirmed that I want to end my career and stay here,


I confirmed that I want a competitive project, that I want to crown the titles with the club to add more legend barcelona at the level of titles,

and in fact there is no project for a while, as I confirmed before,

I always think about the interests of my family and the club.

What happened when you told your family you wanted to leave Barcelona?

When I told my wife and my children about this they provoked a severe drama,

the whole family started crying, my children didn’t want to leave Barcelona,

they refused to change their school, I looked beyond that,

I want to compete at the highest level and win titles and compete in the Champions League,

you can crown them or lose them because it is a very difficult competition, but you have to compete.

You have to compete against it at least and not happen to us as it happened in Rome, Liverpool and Lisbon,

all of this led me to think about making this decision that I am implementing.

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