Messi frustrates Barcelona fans: What project are you talking about? Just lies


“First, because after the defeat in Lisbon it was very difficult, we knew that

they were a very difficult opponent, but not that we will end it this way,”

Messi said in an interview with the global Goal site.

The Argentine star asked to leave Barcelona this summer, after bidding farewell to the Champions League competition against Bayern Munich.

Argentine star Lionel Messi, the Barcelona playmaker, explained the reasons for his desire to leave the Catalan club.

Messi: I didn’t make the decision to leave Barcelona because of the defeat by Bayern Munich

He added: “Which gives a bad image to the club and Barcelona, ​​we presented a very bad picture, I did not feel anything, I wanted time to pass and then go out to clarify everything.”

He continued: “I believed that the club needs more young people and new people and I thought that my time in Barcelona was over, and I felt very sorry that I always said that I wanted to end my career here.”

And he went on: “Every year I was able to leave and make more money from Barcelona,

​​I always said that this was my home and it is what I felt and feel now. It has been a long time since there was a project or there is something, they cover the holes.”


He added: “In the end, it is very difficult to give up twenty years, a full life, a family in Barcelona, ​​and this is what weighs us when we take the villages, in the end you are still in Barcelona.”

And he continued: “Of course, I had a difficult time making the decision, it does not come from the result of Bayern, but it comes from many things, I always said that I want to end here and I always said that I want to stay here.”

He finished: “I wanted to expand the Barcelona myth in terms of titles and

the fact that there was no project or anything for a long time,

they manipulate and cover the holes with the passage of time, as I said

before, I always thought about the well-being of my family and the club.”

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