Koeman intends to change Coutinho’s position


Brazilian Felipe Coutinho appeared this morning, Friday (September 4th),

for the first time in the training of Fc Barcelona in preparation for the new season,

after the end of his loan spell with German club Bayern Munich.

The official Account of FC Barcelona posted on twitter a picture of the Brazilian midfielder in training,

with the caption: «Sports City, Felipe Coutinho joined the training in preparation for the new season».

Several press reports have confirmed that Ronald Koeman, the new coach of FC Barcelona,

wants to rely on Coutinho’s services next season, where he sees a player capable of providing a glimpse of creativity in midfield.

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The Catalan newspaper Sport reported that Coutinho told those close to him that he is excited to succeed with Barcelona this time with the contract of a new coach and relying on new plans that may double his hopes.

She added that the Brazilian player was scheduled to start training on September 8th, but decided to return to the training early,

confirming his desire to convince Koeman to be an important part of the team’s new project.


Coutinho cut short his summer break, which began immediately after Bayern Munich’s Champions League title on 23 August.

Barça’s management will decide on Coutinho’s fate for the coming period, although all indications are that the Brazilian star is in the process of being a key pillar of the Catalan team in the new season.

She confirmed that Koeman’s assistant at Barcelona,

fully aware that Coutinho would not be effective as a third midfielder to be a substitute

for Iniesta in the task for which he came to Barcelona because of his poor defensive abilities in the back-to-back.

She revealed that Koeman and his collaborators have settled on the danger of Coutinho

coming in at the surprise of the competitors by moving between the lines,

where he will lean left to help both Griezmann, Fati, Osman Dimbleby,

or Braithwaite before moving deep into the attack.

Lionel Messi, if he stays with the team, will take charge of the Catalan team’s attacks from the right and will be consistent with Coutinho’s moves.

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