All messi’s remarks today about staying in Barcelona


Argentine Lionel Messi has announced his continued with Barcelona next season after entering into a conflict with the club that lasted for more than a week. messi’s remarks

Lionel gave an interview to The Goal website In the Spanish version, during which he addressed many topics, and here are all the words of the player.

Why are you late in replying so long?

First of all, because our defeat in Lisbon was very harsh, we knew that Bayern Munich were a difficult opponent, but we didn’t know that the game would end this way, we didn’t know it would end with this bad image of the club and the Barcelona fans, we looked bad, I was going through a bad phase, I had no desire for anything.

Why did you tell Barcelona you wanted to leave?

I told the club, especially the President, that I wanted to leave, I kept telling him this all year, I thought it was time to leave, I thought that the club needed young players, new players, I thought that my stage in Barcelona was over, it was a tough year, I suffered a lot inside the training and in the games and inside the dressing room, everything was going hard and at some point I thought about looking for goals and a new atmosphere, not the result of the Bayern game reason, I was thinking about this for a while, I told the President this, I told the President this,

The club president always told me that I was able to resolve my decision to stay or leave at the end of the season, but he did not speak out.

Did you feel alone?

No no… I didn’t feel alone, i was always next to me, and that’s enough and strengthens me, but I’ve been hurt by things I’ve heard from the public and the press, there are people who doubted my love and belonging to Barcelona,

I heard things that were said about me that I didn’t deserve, but it helped me to find out The fact of everyone, the world of football is very difficult and there are a lot of people who are liars, what happened recently helped me to know the truth of many of the people I was putting in a big place, it hurt the public doubts about my love for the club, regardless of my departure or my survival, my love for Barcelona It’s not going to change.

What’s more pain edited after 20 years of defending the club shirt?

Everything was said this period, what my friends said and what was raised about my search for money, I always put the club before anything, I could have left Barcelona many times, money?

I could leave every year and earn more money than I did in Barcelona, I always confirmed that Barcelona is my home, that’s what I’ve been feeling in the past and what I feel right now, I feel like I need to change, for new challenges, goals and things.

Is the absence of a project in Barcelona the reason for your decision to leave and what are the reasons for the decision to continue?

Certainly that my decision cost me a lot, not the defeat of Bayern the reason, the reason many things, always confirmed that I want to end my career and stay here, I confirmed that I want a competitive project, that I want to crown the titles with the club to add more legend barcelona at the level of titles, and in fact there is no project for a while, as I confirmed before, I always think about the interests of my family and the club.

What happened when you told your family you wanted to leave Barcelona?

When I told my wife and my children about this they provoked a severe drama, the whole family started crying, my children didn’t want to leave Barcelona, they refused to change their school, I looked beyond that, I want to compete at the highest level and win titles and compete in the Champions League, you can crown them or lose them because it is a very difficult competition, but you have to compete.

You have to compete against it at least and not happen to us as it happened in Rome, Liverpool and Lisbon, all of this led me to think about making this decision that I did not implement.

Details of your decision to leave Barcelona

Back to the beginning. I thought and we were sure I would be free, the president told me that I could decide whether or not i would leave at the end of the season, and now they are sticking to the issue that I didn’t tell them before June 10th.


On June 10th we were competing for the La Liga title amid the crisis of the dreaded Coronavirus, and because of this disease all the dates have changed, and this is the constant supp in the club…

Now I will continue at the club because the president told me that the only way to leave me is to pay 700 million euros, which is impossible, as there was another way, which is to go to the courts,

I will never go to court against Barcelona because I love the club, and because it has given me everything since I came to him, Barcelona club my life, and here I founded my life, Barcelona gave me everything and I gave it everything, never passed my mind to the judiciary against Barcelona.

Have you been hurt by the public’s doubts about your love for Barcelona?

I was told what was posted against me, especially if it was false things, as they made me think about the possibility of going to the judiciary against Barcelona so that I could take advantage, I will never do anything similar, I repeat,

I wanted to leave, and this is right for me, because my contract states that I will be free at the end of this season, it was not like I would leave and it was all over, no,

I was going to leave and this was going to cost me a lot, I wanted to leave because I wanted to live in my last years of football, and i did not find happiness in my last years of football, and i did not find happiness in my last years football, and i did not find happiness in the club’ happiness, and i did not find happiness in my last years of football, and i did not find happiness in the club. During my last year.

Did your family interfere with your decision?

All these times were cruel and difficult for all of us, what I wanted was clear and I took it upon myself and uttered it, despite the grief of my wife who was supporting me and supporting me…

Is your son Mateo the most important in the family?

Messi answered with a laugh: Yes, Mateo is still young and does not realize what it means to go somewhere else and spend other years of your life elsewhere, surely Tiago knows what that means, he is big, he listened to some of what was said on television and he was asking what it means, he did not want to know anything about our ability to leave and having to go to a new school and make new friends, he was crying and telling me (We’re not going), actually it was tough, I understood it well, and i conveyed his feelings to me, it’s very difficult to make a similar decision.

Is there a stimulating message for the Barcelona fans about the future and will you return to lead the team?

As always; I will do my best, we will do our best to fight to achieve all the goals, and perhaps give it to the audience who went through a difficult period last season, but it is hypocritical to say that if you compare it to people who have suffered from THE CORONA virus and have lost people from their families and relatives.

I hope to do our best and dedicate victories to those who have suffered and lost their loved ones, and we hope to return to normal and overcome this virus.

Why did you choose borofax to tell the club you wanted to leave?

I used The Burufax to take action in some form, all year long and I told the President that I wanted to leave, and that the moment had come to look for new hopes and ways in my career, but the president did not deliver on his word.

I sent The Borofax to tell the club that I wanted to leave in an official way and that I was free, and I chose this service to tell him that I wanted to leave without activating the extra year, I did not settle on this method to make a mess, but to tell him in an official way that I wanted to because I had already made this decision.

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